Cygnus Wide Field


This image shows rich star fields and nebulous regions of Cygnus constellation. Some of the objects are: Brightest star is Deneb - blue-white supergiant 1,400 light years away. Above Deneb are emission nebulae North America (NGC7000) and Pelican (IC5070), 1600 and 1800 light years away respectively. Below Deneb is emission nebula IC1318, 3700 light years away.On the right is Veil nebula (NGC6992, NGC6960) - supernova remnant 1470 light years away

Equipment and processing

Telescope: Canon 50mm F2.8

Mount: Meade LXD55

Camera: Canon T1i

Filters: None

Guiding: None

Processing: Photoshop, DSS, Fitswork

Capture software: Intervalometer

Exposures: 48x60 ISO3200 RGB

Location: Parsippany,NJ