Propeller Nebula in Ha


DWB-111 Propeller Nebula is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus. The Propeller Nebula is actually part of a much larger nebular complex which are common in this area of the sky. The Proprller Nebula is compised of Ha and some SII very little OIII is avaiable. There is very little known about this object, distance to this object or the source of excitation is unknown.

Equipment and processing

Telescope: Meade SN6

Mount: Meade LXD55

Camera: ST 8300M

Filters: Baader Ha 7nm

Guiding: PHD

Processing: PixInsight

Capture software: Maxim

Exposures: Ha: 19x300 10x600

Location: Parsippany,NJ